Cod souffle with pickled onion, radish leaf mayonnaise,
rye bread crumbles and fresh radish


Dkr. 68,-
Poached egg with a crudite of green asparagus,

dryed egg yolk and dill


Dkr. 78,-
Shellfish soup with crispy puff pastry, fried lobster, green oil, and herbs


Dkr. 98,-
Main dishes

Beer-braised veal brisket with red wine poached mushrooms, pickled red onions, baby carrots, Redwood sorrel and gravy
Dkr. 172,-
Roast beef roulade with truffles and fermented onion, stuffed Morel mushrooms, spring onions, baked rutabaga, and a red wine reduction
Dkr. 238,-

Surf n' turf, rack of lamb and lobster tail, white asparagus, stuffed shallots, tart rhubarb, and a creamy cognac sauce
Dkr. 268,-
All mains dishes are served with the potato of the day



Cheesecake with a dust of acai berries, blackberry sorbet, and Redwood sorrel
Dkr. 60,-
Solero dessert with vanilla panna cotta, passion fruit sorbet, passion fruit cream, crunch and flowers
Dkr. 68,-
Mousse of aged havarti cheese and parsley with butter fried rye bread, apple compote, brown butter, tart apples, and fried sage
Dkr. 98,-