From 10.01.2018 - 20.02.2018





Potato soup with smoked sour cream and truffle
Dkr. 68,-


Scallop with shell fish fumet, sorrel and burned white chocolate
Dkr. 98,-


Tatar of veal with parmesan emulsion,
foam, olive chips and cress
Dkr. 98,-



Main dishes


Rillette of pork, picled mushrooms, broccoli, Jerusalem artichoke, Red sorrel
and sjus with marrow
Dkr. 172,-


Brill fried in rye-flour, cabbage, apple, shallots
and genuine sauce on browned butter and dill
Dkr. 228,- 


Culotte of veal in ashes and herbs, celery puree, beet root and creamy truffle sauce
Dkr. 228,-


All mains dishes are served with potato of the day





Caramelized pear, fromage of cream and
freeze-dried yoghurt
Dkr. 60,-


White chocolate mousse, lime-granité,
white chocolate, meringue and  lime dust
Dkr. 72,-


”Naturmælks” cheeses and homemade chrispbread, olives and peaches
Dkr. 98,-