Creamy celery soup with local cabbage-sausage

Dkr. 68,-


Smoked duck with crisp frissé, sour onions and broken gel of lingonberries

Dkr. 78,-


Christmas salmon graved with mustard, apples, red beet leaves and gentle mustard emulsion

Dkr. 98,-



Main dishes


Cured Breast of goose with parsnips puree, pickled parsnips, burned parsnips and horse radish foam

Dkr. 172,-


Rilette of duck with green cabbage, plums, pickled onions and jus

Dkr. 210,-



Glazed beef tenderloin with caramelized quince, mushrooms, pearl onions,
Brussels sprouts, orange and sauce Chasseur

Dkr. 248,-


All mains dishes are served with pommes Anna





Baked Cinnamon apples with vanilla ice cream, caramel crunch
and burned almonds

Dkr. 60,-


Chocolate marquise with cherry sorbet, Armarena cherries, foam and dust

Dkr. 78,-


3 cheeses with crispbread

Dkr. 98,-